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  • Design Thinking Workshop 設計思考工作坊

  • Lean Canvas Workshop 精實創業工作坊

  • Fundraising/Term Sheet Deep Dive 募資/投資條件書工作坊

Design Thinking Workshop


About this workshop:
Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation and problem solving. In increasingly complex times, innovation and collaboration skills are becoming vital to businesses, and both principles are essential in Design Thinking.
This hands-on workshop will lead you through the design thinking process, taught by design thinking professionals that live and breathe in this space. Together we'll explore how human-centered design can help develop innovative solutions for the complex challenges we face as business people, non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens. The results of design thinking aren’t just physical products; they can be solutions, systems, services or even experiences!




Who Should Enroll:
。Thinkers and doers—open-minded, action-oriented leaders who want to implement and drive innovation at their organizations
。Entrepreneurs trying to create and solidify a disruptive business idea
。Leaders and team members responsible for tackling strategic challenges in their organizations


。Understand how to apply human-centered design principles to tackle complex challenges
。Gain deeper insights into your customers’ behaviors, decision points and actions
。Generate ideas and prototypes to solve customer problems
。Discover how to tell a compelling story to engage audiences
。Identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires



Lean Canvas Workshop


About this workshop:
Ordinary 20-page business plans take too long to write and are not flexible enough for new businesses to find and tweak the best business model. But lean canvas is designed just for that — as opposed to the traditional business plan — help outline structured, tangible, and strategic conversations around new businesses on a single sheet of paper.

The Lean Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. In this Lean Canvas Workshop, you’ll learn how to frame and answer key questions about a business model and its execution. Our workshop facilitators will walk through the steps of creating a business model canvas and provide the materials you need to start building one now for any of the business ideas you have!

通常一份 20 頁的商業計畫書需要相當長的時間與心力去完成它,但對於要發現新的商業機會,並將其轉換成最佳的商業模式時,又沒有彈性空間去發現並轉化它。但是 Lean Canvas 創業精實畫布就是設計來幫忙解決這個問題的!與傳統的商業計劃書不同,透過一張表格就能協助你用具架構、可實行且有策略的溝通方式發展新事業。



Who Should Enroll:
。Entrepreneurs working towards scoping your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to validate your opportunity in the real marketplace
。Entrepreneurs trying to Identify and prioritize High Risk Assumptions that your business (idea) is based on and defining Experiments to reduce them
。Entrepreneurs thinking it may be time for your business to PIVOT and try something new to remain relevant to your customers




。Understand the nine elements of a canvas and how they can be used to describe a business.
。Understand how an innovator uses the canvas to test the viability of their idea.
。Develop the skills and knowledge you need to Review and Communicate any business idea to yourself and stakeholders
。Understand how to use personas and problem scenarios to articulate customers’ key drivers
。Understand how to use the lean canvas to turn your idea or business into a lean startup.



Fundraising/Term Sheet Deep Dive


About this workshop:
Fundraising is not limited to the mere sourcing of investors and funds, but involves negotiating legal terms in case of a potential investment.
The aim of this workshop is to provide you with a better understanding of investment term sheets and to demystify some legal terms and expressions used by investors in a financial transaction.

Throughout the workshop you will be introduced to the main issues of a term sheet and they will be guided through the different clauses and provisions that can be found in such a document. We will also walk through all major elements of a convincing pitch for fundraising as well as investor’s mindset. Office hours will connect you with real investors, for 10-20 minutes of 1-on-1 advice.



在投資條件書研究營中,我們將介紹投資條件書中的要點有哪些,並將引導你從文件裡不同條款與規範中找到這些要點。同時也會帶你實際演練,從投資人角度看一個具有說服力的募資簡報該包含哪些重要元素。此外,我們也提供你 10 到 20分鐘與投資人的一對一諮詢時間。


Who Should Enroll:
。Entrepreneurs trying to understand the concepts and principles of how to execute a term sheet. You will also increase your chance of receiving funding.
。Startup Support Professionals working on increasing the value of their services to clients and constituencies when they can more effectively advise clients and constituencies on to execute the angel investment process.


。Gain deeper insights into the most important terms (e.g. pre-money and post-money valuation, option pool, liquidation preferences, tag-along and drag-along etc.) along with practical examples.
。Learn about what investors look for, and have a clear view of investors’ goals and expectations.
。Understand when and how to negotiate terms in a term sheet by analyzing real cases.
。Learn the main elements of a well crafted fundraising process.
。Give entrepreneurs the opportunity to practice your pitch and receive feedback from real investors and expert mentors




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